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Hello all! For the absolute vocal nerds (or any kind of nerd really, I don’t discriminate any subjects in my research!) I have compiled together a list of resources, books, websites, etc that I have used in some way to help develop the ideas within my research and within my views on vocal practice and wellbeing. If anyone has any questions relating to any of these sources please do not hesitate to get in contact, I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

How do you learn?

As with all subjects the voice and music can be approached from various angles. Some people find it most useful to visualise a certain technique, sensation or method. Some people like to hear a demonstration to identify the exact sound they need to create or like to hear a description of what they should or should not be doing. Some people like to study in detail the methodology of a concept while others are more than comfortable creating their sound without huge understanding of the mechanics. None of the above examples are wrong and no other way of learning is incorrect. Whatever works best for you may not work for another however it is essential to know which techniques or methods work best for you and (if you are a tutor) for your students.

Being able to understand all types of learning processes and being able to demonstrate something in a variety of ways can aid you as both a performer and a tutor. Thus, as you will see below, I have listed many different types of medium for research and study. Despite these mediums being readily available to all, I highly recommend any singer at any level consulting a train/experienced vocal tutor or coach. Without your voice being heard by an impartial individual it is very difficult to correctly identify points for practice, training & development. It will 9 times out of 10 save you a lot of time as well as a knowledgeable vocal coach will be able to quickly identify anything that needs to be addressed. I often visit a vocal coach to further my knowledge and ability as well as consult other vocalists and tutors of anything I am unsure of. No one can have nothing to learn.

As is to be expected from a self-professed “nerd extraordinaire” the below list are categorised into the following types: Books & Publications, E-books, Webpages, Podcasts & Audiobooks and Seminars and Workshops; which are then alphabetized – or in the case of the final point arranged chronologically. I hope some of these prove useful to some of you as they have for me. Any comments made next to a publication have been made in italics and are not part of the book/publication’s title.


The AB Guide to Music Theory Part 1 & 2 – E. Taylor

The Inner Game of Music – Barry Green and W. Timothy Gallwey

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Singers Survival Manual – Mark Baxter

Popular Music Grades 5-8 – Registry Publishing LTD


iSing Magazine



www.basttraining.comBe A Singing Teacher – website for training and resources related to singing instruction – The National Centre for Voice and Speech webpage – The Naked Vocalist webpage – created by Chris Johnson and Steve Giles linked to their podcast of the same name.

Podcasts & Audiobooks (all available through the itunes store, spotify and ACast app)

Body Learning: The Alexander Technique

Happy Place – Fearne Cotton

High Performance Habits with Brendan Burchard

Singer Solutions: Singing Strategies and Lessons with Mark Baxter – Voice Council

The Naked Vocalist

Seminars and Workshops

Mary King Masterclass 2016 @Urdang Academy

This page is regularly updated and any recommendations for research are more than welcome. Happy singing!


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