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Alice Williams Music Blog Begins!

Hello All and welcome to my site. Here you will find a brief overview of what I am involved in musically and how to contact me for work, bookings or any enquiries.

If you are reading this post you will have also found my new venture into blogging. Now I have tried blogging in the past to very little success. I even published a few blog posts on a variety of topics. The problem however with these past endeavours was that I really didn’t have a huge passion or experience within what I was writing about. I did gig reviews, discussions on social media platforms, my thoughts on music genres and their development (the list goes on!) but each post really only touched the surface of what I was trying to say.

Then I found the inspiration to start blogging again. I have found topics that I have experienced. I have found subjects I am truly interested in. Most importantly I have come across thoughts and questions that the many realms of google have been unable to answer. So here are my musings on the voice and life as a nomadic travelling vocalist. Hopefully these posts will benefit some musicians and singers in the future who find themselves going through similar troubles or those who are curious into what it is really like to work in this mad world of music.

If anyone has any thoughts, comments, enquiries or suggestions for future posts please feel free to leave a comment on any of these blog posts or alternately contact me directly via the contact tab above.

That’s all from Alice Williams music for now, time to go and get ready for another gig. Happy music-ing wherever you are!

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